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Is College Ready for the College-Ready Student?

  (A quick read for the college-bound student)   College readiness cuts both ways. If you are ready for college,  are you making sure college is ready for you? What are your key metrics for choosing a college? Is it […]

Navigating the Graduation Labyrinth

“What are you going to do after graduation?” “Where are you going to college?” “Have you made up your mind with what you are going to do with your life?” “What do you want to be?” As you approach graduation, […]

Taming Butterflies and Interview Lions

Rejection. No one likes it. Fearing it creates interview anxiety—especially when a prospective job you desperately want or need hinges on the success of the interview. How do you get a grip on fear of rejection and make the stomach […]

How to Paint Your Way Through Your Next Interview

Picture yourself being one of five individuals selected to be interviewed from a pool of 200 job applicants for a single position. Assume the five candidates have similar skill sets, training, credentials, and experience. The interviewer needs your help. The […]

Firming the Foundation: Developing Lifelong Career Evaluation Skills

Students who take ownership of their education and cultivate a desire to be lifelong learners are more likely to maintain their relevance in a highly competitive global market. In a panel discussion with other technology leaders at the 2012 ECEDHA Conference, Gene […]

“Tell me about yourself”

“Tell me about yourself”  is frequently the first request you face in an interview.  It is a golden opportunity for you to make a positive first impression on the interviewer, differentiate yourself from other candidates, and set a confident tone […]

Young Adults Need Unbiased Career Advice

Tony: “I’m quitting…I just handed in my resignation.  I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.  Kirby, Sr.: “so, you’re quitting. Well, what’re you going to do?”  Tony: “I don’t know.  I..I think I’ll go away for a while, […]

Young Adults Rate Help from School Guidance Counselors

Over 60 percent of young adults give high school guidance counselors a “fair” or “poor” rating in helping students think through career options, according to a report titled, Can I Get a Little Advice Here? published by Public Agenda on […]

Getting Young Adults Career-ready

Sobering data from the American Association of Community Colleges reveals over 70% of students who begin community college are not even achieving an associates degree after six years.  A recent study released by National Center on Education and the Economy […]