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3 Practical Job Related Uses of the 4 Letter Personality Code

Many of the most popular personality assessments today follow a 4 letter, 16 code convention to report results. The original theory and research used for these assessments was first proposed by Carl Jung and then further developed by others, most […]

Prepare Students for Change

In the world of “education”, it is apparent that current methods for helping students with career fit are incomplete or lacking, both before and after entering the work force. A recent Harris Poll states: 1. 50% of college graduates do […]

Make Sense of Your Motivations

Dr. John Holland developed his Occupational Themes in the late 1950s based on the theory people’s occupational preferences reflect underlying parts of their personality. The six Holland Occupational Themes and primary activities reflecting those themes are: Investigative – researching, analyzing, […]

Why Know Your Personality Type (Preferences)?

3 Reasons to Know Your Personality Type (Preferences) There are several popular Personality Tests (assessments) commonly used. Many of which use the 16 quadrant-4 scale methodology made popular by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment. The work in this area was […]

Young Adult Mentoring Program Growing

Calling New Mentors for young adults! Boys and girls all need positive adult relationships to mature, stay in school and out of trouble. So very many students do not have the types of healthy types of relationships most of us […]

Hopestreet LifeBridge Spring Classes Starting Feb 25th

Starting on February 25th, HopeStreet Austin at Twin Lakes Resource Center will be starting their spring LifeBridge Job Readiness and Life Skill Training program. It is a daytime Job Readiness 10 Week Program teaching self awareness of strengths, resume creation, […]

New Career Direction Workshop Starting Feb 15th

Austin Job Seekers Network in Northwest Austin is continuing its successful Design and Focus Career Direction Workshop starting February 15th. This 4 week workshop combines assessments, lecture, and team interaction so that participants gain a clear picture of motivating strengths, […]

HopeStreet Starts Fall Job Readiness Class

On September 8, HopeStreet Austin started their fall LifeBridge job readiness and life skill training located at the Twin Lakes Resource Center in Cedar Park, TX, It is a 10 week program and included are sessions for strengths, soft-skills, values, occupation […]

Popular Design and Focus Class Utilizing IDMyPlan

Congratulations to Austin Job Seekers Network (link) for new record of 40 student registrations for the September 22 Design and Focus (link) workshop. The workshop is offered 6 times per year on average. Design and Focus is a 4 week […]

What are Personality Preferences?

IDMyPlan programs identify and build on the foundation of students knowing their basic personality preferences. These personality preferences are part of our DNA and can be considered a genetic imprint. It is important to know preferences because they are clues […]