“Tell me about yourself”

“Tell me about yourself”  is frequently the first request you face in an interview.  It is a golden opportunity for you to make a positive first impression on the interviewer, differentiate yourself from other candidates, and set a confident tone for the remainder of the interview.  But it is an opportunity easily squandered if you neglect to prepare.

If you are ill-prepared, you will have a tendency to ramble on about generalities or summarize your life story in 10 minutes.  That might be fine if the interviewer was needing an afternoon power nap. Not so fine if you are needing a job.  

You must first understand that you landed the interview because the prospective employer has a problem or an ongoing need, and wants to determine as quickly as possible whether you are the best person to fix that problem or fulfill that need.  The interviewer wants to know the value you bring to the table. Specifically, he wants to determine the extent to which you will help achieve the objectives of the leadership.  In most cases, the underlying question is, “How will you make or save the employer money?”

To hit a home run when responding to “Tell me about yourself”, you must first thoroughly understand three things: 1) who you are; 2) your greatest strength; and, 3) specifically how that strength will benefit the prospective employer.

Your Interview Card serves as a tangible and quickly-referenced reminder of who you are and the personal strengths you identified through the Soft-Skills Profile Builder.  Combining that personal knowledge with an understanding of how your greatest strength will fulfill your prospective employer’s needs will allow you to give a razor sharp response to, “Tell me about yourself”.

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