“Fore”sight from the 18th Hole: A Winning Strategy for College and Career

Golf legend Arnold Palmer was once asked how he prepares to play the course at Augusta National Golf Club. He described playing the course in reverse over and over in his mind, beginning with where he wanted to position the ball for the final putt on the 18th hole. He then thought through the approach for each preceding shot until he was at the #1 tee. The mental discipline served him well: four-time Masters Champion, U.S. Open Champion, and three-time winner of the PGA Championship, among other achievements.

College students can apply that same winning strategy in achieving academic goals. Students who think of the campus Career Center as the 18th hole and utilize its resources throughout their college career have much greater visibility on making well-placed job interview “shots” when they get to the final fairway.

A personality preferences self-assessment should be one of the first resources a student accesses at the Career Center in order to choose or validate a course of study. The types of assessments can vary widely in scope and accuracy, so it is best the student review the results with an experienced advisor who can use additional resources to verify results.

IDMyPlan developed a simplified, yet powerful program which allows the student to use the assessment results to build a highly personalized Work-Style Profile, an increasingly important tool for resume writing, interviews and ongoing career and academic evaluation. Additionally, the Profile summarizing the student’s natural leadership strengths, preferred work tasks, work environments, and values are summarized on a credit card sized Interview ID card. The card serves as a reliable “Caddy” and tangible reminder of the student’s truly important intangibles, helping steer clear of sand traps while facing the steady stream of life and academic decisions.

College academic success begins at the Career Center, living with the end in mind.