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Career Software

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Onlsite Software ToolBox

This online resource contains IDMyPlan assessments, wizards and data repositories to help create and track student development information. Features include:

Build Your Own Work Style Profile - Every individual is unique. The ToolBox provides a proprietary application enabling students to build their own personality profile of strengths and preferences.  (Only available through IDMyPlan.)

Identify Occupation Areas of Interest

Search Education Options

Store Development Information- Capture personal development information in your personalized data repository for use now and in the future such as strengths, values, mission, goals and strategies.

Share and Communicate- Share goals, vision, mission and more with teachers, mentors, friends and others through IDMyPlan ToolBox. This resource gives you opportunity for accountability and guidance, significantly increasing your success rate.  Also share development information with potential employers by publishing selected information on the internet via web page, email and/or Linkedin. See example.

Set Goals and Notifications -Develop SMART goals and utilize the IDMyPlan text or email notification system to successfully stay on track to achieve those goals. (S.M.A.R.T. - S-simple, M-measurable, A-Attainable, R-Realistic, T-Timely)Notifications

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