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In the IDMyPlan Discovery Program, a student identifies personality preferences and strengths in addition to developing occupational options and setting next step goals.  One mandatory goal for the student is to conduct an “Occupational Interview” with someone  who works in a career field of interest. Please consider helping a young adult (16+ yrs old) find direction by sharing your occupational experiences and thoughts.

In the Discovery Program, the student is prepared for the “Occupation Interview” through role playing using the IDMyPlan Personality ID Card. Additionally, the student’s interest in your area of expertise will have already been evaluated on a basic level relative to his personality preferences, occupational themes and interests.


The commitment is minimal (0-2 hours per month) with meetings attended and coordinated by an IDMyPlan representative or Mentor associated with an established mentoring program in your area. Occupation Specialist have the option to be inactive at any time.

Please fill out the form below to be included in this registry. All of your contact information will be kept confidential and private, including your name. It will be your choice how much to share with a student.

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