Prepare Students for Change

In the world of “education”, it is apparent that current methods for helping students with career fit are incomplete or lacking, both before and after entering the work force. A recent Harris Poll states:

1. 50% of college graduates do not have a job upon graduation.
2. 60% of workers are interested in changing careers.
3. The average person will change jobs every 3 years. 1/3 of the work force will change jobs every 12 months.
4. An average person will change careers 5-7 times during work life.

Current and Past Response
Education Institutions (secondary and post-secondary) have not kept up with the marketplace needs for this area. For example the average high school counselor per student ratio is 285 to 1 with most time spent on graduation requirements and very little on career choice. When there is career counseling in high school and colleges, it is typically limited to self-assessment tools and ad-hoc next step counseling.

Trending Now
Institutions are starting to realize that developing career decision making skills requires a more comprehensive approach. Students need to be taught evaluation skills based on a solid foundation of self-awareness.

We are seeing colleges, high schools and other institutions beginning to require career direction curriculum as a fundamental part of the education process. This programming is being integrated in classrooms with varying titles: leadership development, speech, career search, job readiness, career development, etc.

Florida State University College of Education requires students to take a course named Introduction to Career Development. (SDS 3340) The catalog states the reasoning as – “Contemporary Americans have thousands of different occupations from which to choose. In just a little over a century we have gone from a no choice or limited choice situation to a point where the sheer multitude of possibilities often makes the process of choosing an occupation very frustrating, time consuming, and haphazard. Individuals will likely go through the career decision making and problem solving process many times over their lives.”

IDMyPlan is focused on helping you, the teacher, equip your students with career decision making skills to match the reality of the world they are entering.

Becky Terry, 25 Year Career Counselor with Masters in Career Counseling, states:
“IDMyPlan helps me guide students to a deeper understanding of their personality, interest, values and skills so they can confidently apply that knowledge in their career search and job fit.”

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